Shipping Policy - FAQ

Shipping Policy  - FAQ

We ship our product from warehouses directly from our warehouse and/or directly from our Supplier. Our delivery tims might be different accordint to your country and product availability.

How much does the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping to most countries. Some of our products may be exluded eventually from the FREE SHIPPING promotion. If free shipping of the product does not aplly, Shipping cost will depend in teh product weight, package deminsions and country of destination.

How long does the shipping take?    The estimated delivery time:


  • Spain: 15-20 days
  • Portugal, UK, France: 20-50 days
  • Switserland: 15-30 days
  • Italy, Netherlands: 20-40 days
  • Rest of Europe: 20-60 days

North America

  • United States: 15-20 days
  • Canada: 30-60 days
  • Mexico: 22-60 days

South America

  • Brazil: 30-60 days
  • Chile: 20-50 days
  • Colombia: 20-60 days
  • Peru: 40-60 days
  • Rest of South America: 30-60 days

Central America: 30-60 days


  • Russian Federation: 15-20 days
  • Japan: 15-20 days
  • Phillipines: 30-50 days
  • Singapore: 15-45 days
  • Malaysia: 20-45 days


  • Australia: 15-25 days
  • New Zealand: 20-40 days
  • Rest of Oceania: 20-60 days

**Please check the product pages for special delivery time.**


If you buy our product(s), our company is not responsible for any charges made buy your countries customs agency (if applies). If you are placing an order make sure you understand how customs in your country works. 
The product will be sent from  our warehouse, EU or China. We noticed that if you place an order you agree that you did checked you customs regulation in you country and any law that relates to the product how are buying.

When will the order(s) be shipped?

If you paid the order we'll verify  your shipping address. If something is wordn with the shipping address we will snet you an e-mail and asking you for the missing information. It is helpfull if you replay to our e-mail, otherwise we have to cancel your order. Also if the shippingaddres is not correct we cannot guarantee the arrival of your order. Our  fulfillment proces takes aprox. 3-6 business days. When you order is processed you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number. if you did not receive the order conformation, please check your SPAM filter. If you did order several products it is possible that  you will receive several shipments.

Wrong emailaddresss

If you did put the wrong e-mail address in your order. Please sent an e-mail to info(at) We will fixe it!


If the courier is not able to deliver the parcel to your address due to incorrect/incomplete adress or if no one is at home at that time to receive the parcel. The parcel will be sent address of the courier. Then you have to pick-up the parcel at the courier office. Always follow you tracking number. Then you know at what time the parcel will arrive at your address.

Contact & Support

If  you have more questions please sent us via the website support your questions.